Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here are the original concept art for the casual game "Curse of the Opera" developed by Vast Studios.

My duties were to illustrate concepts for the navigational screens of the game, which were then handed to digital painters who would paint off my sketches and make it look more polished.

For each background I had to keep in close communication with the producer and game designer to accommodate all the game play elements into each background, while at the same time make each background look unique and interesting.

Before doing a more refined sketch, I had to do 5 "variations" for each background. After approval and revision, I could go onto a more finalized concept.

For each drawing you see, I had to do 5 sketches to get to this stage.

Above is a detailed illustration of the statue in the graveyard.
It provided reference for the artist who painted over the concept.

Above is probably one of my favorite backgrounds.

As of writing, "Curse of the Opera" has been on Big Fish's top ten for 24 days, currently ranked number 3 on the top ten for the Mac version.
On May 2010 Curse of the Opera will be available for retail in such stores as: "Best Buy, Wal-mart, Staples, and Gamestop."


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  1. Hi there, would I be allowed to use one of your drawings of the lamp post (close up) for a one-time brochure to be used in my church?
    Lovely work!
    Hope to hear from you,